So much of this site does not work.


1. Adding a blog post

To add a blog post, visit the IET EngX community home page and click the 'dd a discussion or question' button and choose 'post to blogs and insights'. This will bring up a new blog editing template, with two tabs title 'Write' and 'Options'. You'll edit your post in 'Write' and manage the post in 'Options'.

The link is which is not found. Also "dd a discussion" is a typo.

2. Search for "List of  IET Policies" and you do not get a list of them.

3. The displayed list of events for Cov/Warks us wrong. It has an event "Lets Have Some Fun With Maths" on 7th. May which has been cancelled on the "Events Dashboard" and it does not have the same event on 21s May which is on the dashboard

4. Consultation about the new website  The report states that 5 Members in Birmingham were consulted about the old IET website. The Chair of Birmingham LN has been working hard to make the LN work but nobody in Birmingham is willing to help. This means that all the Members in Birmingham are totally uninterested in the IET and its former web-site so no wonder they voted it down because they never used it.

Members to take back control

This is all because the specification for the new website was created by staff and not Members who are active in the TPNs and LNs. It is time for the Members to take back control of the IET as there are too many examples of the staff taking actions which are not approved by active Members !!