The new national GmSSL standards were designed and issued by the National Cryptographic Administration of China some of which have become international standards. An example is the SM series ciphers. SM stands for commercial cipher which refers to the cipher technology used for commercial purpose. The Chinese government continues to promote the work of the National Encryption Algorithm in the financial sector. Currently there are 699 types of software and hardware cryptographic products that support national encryption algorithms including SSL gateways digital certificate authentication systems key management systems financial data encryption machines signature verification servers smart cryptographic keys smart IC cards and PCI cryptographic cards. In this webinar the speaker will share his experience with different types of SM cryptographic method and discuss how the technologies are deployed in different commercial sectors. Speaker: Mr. Alex Wu has more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector. He is an expert in network infrastructure cloud architecture SaaS design eDM solution and design software framework. Since joining Integrated Corporation in 2015 Alex has been leading the R&D teams in the company’s Hong Kong office and China development plant. He now focuses on security solutions A.I. solutions payment system and IoT security solution.