We have invited Mr HW Chan and Mr Andy Pang from MTRCL to share the Smart Railway Technologies and Applications on local MTR lines. Programme Highlight MTRCL aims to achieve smart maintenance by implementing innovative IoT sensor technologies to monitor the condition of railway assets and consolidate big data across various assets analysing the big data pattern and giving meaningful and actionable insight with data visualisation to the maintenance team for predictive and prescriptive maintenance. The railway system consists of numberous subsystems including Permanent Way Rolling Stock and Traction Power System etc. Various types of IoT sensors and cameras are integrated into the smart networks which can collect wear and tear conditions of the assets. Meanwhile the installation of the IoT sensors and accessories such as power supply data cables and backbone infrastructure shall be properly designed and commissioned without affecting daily railway operations. Collecting analysing and storing massive volume of data generated by IoT sensors exceeds the capabilities of traditional analytics and business intelligence tools. This is where today’s advanced analytics platforms can be utilised to build statistical and machine learning models to detect anomalies in the system and possible defects in railway equipment. These models also detect the rising trend of a specific system or parts before exceeding the threshold thus maintenance work could be arranged in advance before the system or equipment fails. Mr HW Chan and Mr Andy Pang from MTRCL will share the use cases and considerations of using IoT sensor technologies and how data analytics transforms railway operations and maintenance.