On behalf of the Hong Kong Students Section of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IETSS) we would like to invite you to become one of our mentors in the Youth Mentoring Programme (YMP) 2022. Ever since 2011 YMP has helped hundreds of aspiring engineers develop professional relationships strengthen technical knowledge and improve personal skills. We are more than delighted to continue the momentum of the Youth Mentoring Programme and thus are looking for mentors who are passionate about inspiring young engineers and have more than five years of work experience in engineering industries to be the guiding lights for our mentees in YMP 2022. Being one of our YMP mentors you will be grouped with two to three mentees who are engineering undergraduates from local universities (including international students) to share your valuable experience and expertise. Your patient guidance and sharing will certainly broaden mentees’ horizons and help their future career development. Realizing the importance for participants to interact with each other physically and familiarize themselves in order to have a better mentor-mentee relationship we are working prudently in accordance with the law under the optimistic premise that the pandemic situation would get better over the months to arrange YMP 2022 in a face-to-face format. Mentors will be invited to attend the following events and your attendance is preferred. For networking sessions the groups are free to communicate in the language they are comfortable with as usual. This year we hope to involve non-Cantonese-speaking students in this programme. Therefore there might be a few non-Cantonese-speaking students involved if mentors are interested. Please let us know if you prefer mentees who speak English instead. If you are interested in being a mentor of YMP 2022 please find the application form at (https://forms.gle/FBj1NJa2xpKVHkRz5) or you can simply scan the QR code by 25th May 2022 (Wednesday). You will be notified of the application results by early June 2022 via email. Please see registration session below for the programme details.