BAME Volunteers Required

Do you work in Energy and identify as ‘BAME’?

I am developing a STEM activity for schools to increase awareness and spark curiosity about climate change, the environment and energy amongst students.   The activity will highlight the roles that BAME engineers and scientists play in the journey to Net Zero in a fun and interactive way.

The intention is also to boost awareness of the educational backgrounds and routes to the roles of BAME engineers and scientists and provide inspiration for future careers.

I am looking for volunteers who want to motivate young people to further consider the energy field.  If you would be interested in being involved or would like more information please contact me in the thread!
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    As I read Erusa’s post, the request seems perfectly reasonable. There is a well-established and respected organisation which has adopted the “BAME” acronym. It has been widely supported by the IET and other organisations, including the Royal Academy of Engineering.  

    There is a long tradition of formal special interest groups and individuals seeking to promote an agenda, or to express concern about issues relevant to engineering.

    I have myself frequently expressed concern about the way in which governance of engineering profession, has allowed social snobbery and elitism to thrive. In particular the disadvantageous treatment of those who followed the apprenticeship pathway into engineering, relative to the academic one as teenagers. Although Engineering has enabled social mobility by some from working class backgrounds, academic advantage in school correlates with social class and class also correlates with race and ethnicity.

    The issues involved in disadvantage are complex and multifaceted. We will not understand and resolve them by anyone becoming “offended”, or any other emotive reaction.  

    If the intent of those who criticise Erusa’s effort, is to seek excellence and meritocracy, with wide and open access to engineering careers, then I agree with that intent.  I yearn for the time when it will no longer be legitimate for anyone to claim disadvantage.    

    There should be an open and respectful discussion amongst IET members, engineering employers and other stakeholders about prejudice and disadvantage, in whatever form that manifests itself. I would willingly modestly contribute to such a discussion.  

  • Roy Bowdler‍ I agree that this post is perfectly reasonable. Erusa Adizie‍ I hope you get some volunteers :)

    I expect you've received notifications for a discussion in the volunteer group. This appeal is cross-posted in the volunteer group here, so I'll lock this thread to keep the discussion in one place.