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I was not able to find recent posts on waiting times for the feedback on the Professional interview dates. It has been nearly 5 weeks since submitting the application with no update whatsoever. Is this normal? The acknowledgement email states 22 weeks end to end which sounds excessive but I would expect 6-8 weeks will be at the backend after the interview for feedback? Any pointers please or tips on acceleration? 

  • I've just been through the registration process. I submitted my application in mid February, had confirmation I was through to interview stage in mid April, had my interview last week, and have been told that result could be another 5 - 6 weeks. So 22 weeks or more is entirely possible I'm afraid! But I would think you should hear something fairly soon - I assume you got an automated acknowledgement email with an application ref number? If you're concerned then best bet is to contact the registration team using details in the acknowledgement email. Good luck with your application! 

  • Thank you Oliver. I hope you hear good news soon. So your application took 37 weeks to get to this point!!! Wow. I wish this was made clear at the start of the process!!!

  • Hi Samer and Oliver,

    One of the problems they have is they are trying to match the assessors/interviewer's fields of expertise with the applicants, so some areas have longer delays than others. Oliver's 37 weeks seems excessively high as colleagues of mine who were applying last year had about 5 or six months end to end. (I should say that my own was so far back in the past that I can't remember how long it took)

  • Good point but this should only be the case for the actual interview. The initial checking and Pre-interview part should be straightforward by the IET team. I believe the delay is also at the application checking stage and pre-interview stage. Valued Members should really be fully informed pre application and throughout the process. My PRA thought a “few” weeks but not touching on 6 months or potentially a year!! 

  • Hi,

    Just to be clear, the pre-interview assessment is actually the in depth peer review of your application by engineers competent in your field. There is an initial assessment by IET staff, but the full review follows. The interview is, in many ways, only confirming the conclusion  of that peer review and allowing any doubts and potential misunderstandings to be explored. It may be that after the initial peer review that applicants will be asked to provide more information if it is felt that there is insufficient evidence on the application.



  • P.S. It is vitally important to appreciate that the interview is NOT your opportunity to prove you meet the competences for CEng / IEng, it is your application form that does that. Hence the fact that reviewing this could take time.

  • I've just checked the FAQ page 

    It would be really helpful if this included a comment on timescales as this is definitely an FAQ? 



  • Thank you and well noted on the criteria for the assessment of competency being the application not the interview alone. As you rightly highlighted, the timescale appears to be the only challenge here.  

  • I've just been through the process around the same time as Oliver and can offer the following information:

    • Application submission : 10 Feb 2021
    • Application registration & standards department checks: 11 March 2021
    • Application pre-interview assessment: 6 April 2021
    • Professional registration interview: 26 July 2021
    • Results email notification : 2 August 2021
    • Received the hardcopy certificate: 19 August 2021

    So it took me 24 weeks from the date I've submitted the application in Career Manager to the date when I've received the email notification from the IET. Hope that helps and all the best.

  • Good day Samer,

    I completed the CEng application process recently. See below my application notifications timeline below: 

    • CEng application submission notification - 6 May 2021.
    • Registration & Standards Department check notification - 7 May 2021.
    • Pre-Interview Assessment notification - 10 May 2021.
    • Professional Registration Interview - 13 October 2021.
    • CEng application success notification - 4 November 2021.

    Essentially it took roughly five (5) months to find suitable interviewers. It was worth it, as both interviewers were IET Fellows with prior naval / defence and maritime professional experience similar to mine. Overall, the process from submission to final decision notification took approximately six (6) months.

    The above was much faster than my IEng process which took more than ten (10) months. It commenced 24 December 2019 and notification of success received circa 6 November 2020. I suspected Christmas, New Years and COVID-19 were all contributing factors. Further, requests for clarification and additional information at 1st Stage, impacted process time.