This appeared in my FB stream. Apart from the obvious chuckle it made me think of how things have changed.


For those who don’t remember this plaque is mounted on the Pioneer 10 space capsule that was launched in 1972. It is supposed to announce our presence to an awaiting Galaxy. The two figures are obviously white Caucasians. 

Having been reading the threads on here discussing the ‘woke’ generation I wonder what would they think about this  (what is woke? I think it stands for White O K Extremist, those who don’t have enough problems in their lives and want to invent some more). This plaque is obviously not ‘inclusive’ but it happened in the past. What could be done about it or should it just be accepted? Should we launch another space mission with a correctly ‘inclusive’ plaque and an apology and hope that it is found by the same Aliens.

  • woke comes from the same root as wake - as in being awake or alert to your surroundings, and sensitive to the needs and feelings those about you.

    Recently it has become a rather derogatory term for those who are over-sensitive, or worse those keen to get artificially outraged on other's behalf, often when the original victim is not that bothered. 

    Now this is not the original meaning at all, but is the one you will see used in  the 'angry of Tonbridge Wells sort of complaint.

    No offence intended to folk who really do live in Tonbridge Wells, of course  ;-) 

    thinking about it. you probably could not send a picture of a naked anyone into space anymore - like flights on concorde, analogue wired telephones, and next day postal delivery, these things are now post peak  and will never happen again.


  • As someone from the Millennial generation, you sound like by even raising this question you have been reading too much woke propaganda in the now cringeworthy IET Magazine. Are White Caucasians now not deemed human by woke weirdos? Considering White Caucasians were those who did almost all the contributions to the Pioneer programme it would be more odd if it was another race.

    There is also nothing "creepy" about the natural human form.