Michael Faraday is Dead...............Long Live Michael Faraday.

Lisa wrote: "There are around 630 staff globally with the vast majority based at our newly named Futures Place office (formerly Michael Faraday House) in Stevenage in the UK"

Bad, bad, bad.


  • Have the IET discovered something shady in Michael faraday's past, and declared him an un-person?

  • Have the IET discovered something shady in Michael faraday's past, and declared him an un-person?

    No, the Members Facilities at Savoy Place are now named the Faraday Centre : savoyplace.theiet.org/.../

  • What has that got to do with Stevenage?


  • presumably to stop people going to IET meetings turning up at the wrong one ?

    Mind you there are plenty of businesses using the Faraday name (463 are registered with companies house) so there is still scope for confusion.

    And perhaps to make it clearer that the IET does not just do electrical stuff as it seems that no-one outside the organization knows what the other stuff is.


  • Hate to say it (as a great Michael Faraday fan) but...I really don't care what the IET calls its buildings, I'm much more concerned about what it does an organisation. And there has been a tendency in the past, and may still be in some areas, to say "we must be a fine institution, look at all these Victorian and Edwardian names we are associated with". That is absolutely not a valid argument as to whether a PEI is currently supporting the engineering profession. 

    I think there are many, many problems with the IET (and all PEIs), but spending too little time looking at the past rather than the future isn't one of them!!

    P.S. I'm not going to mention the fact that in any case Michael Faraday died four years before the Society of Telegraph Engineers was formed (whoops, I did Wink ) as I totally agree he was a great example to us all and well worthy of commemoration. But I could even argue the other way and say that, for exactly those reasons, for the IET to use his name for their own "marketing" is actually a bit dodgy, so they did the right thing to change the name. But I won't Smile