Good questions to ask chemical engineering candidates

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I hope I'm posting this in the right section.

In one of our department, they are hiring candidates based on their chemical engineering knowledge.

Recently, we've noticed a lot of the interviews didn't go very well, as the screening was inappropriate.

While going over the curriculum with my subordinates, I realized that the focus was put too strongly on generic engineering knowledge and questions, that didn't quite pertain to the chemical engineering field.

So my question is, what kind of questions would be most pertinent to ask candidates. The position is mainly requiring environmental engineering knowledge.

Again I'm sorry if this is too vague, I'm just looking to get more information as I'm not an engineer myself. Our company operates in the South of France.

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  • Hi Marcus,

    I think the best questions to ask are regards to how they would handle dangerous chemicals and their respective disposal. Also, maybe ask them how would they respond whenever there is an accidental spillage of corrosive substance or anything similar and see how would they react in such scenarios.


  • What are you employing these chemists to do ? Perhaps these analysis/assay jobs, plant/process management jobs, or do you just want a few chemists  to decorate the list of employee qualifications. Or do you need presenters and communicators to educate others ?  You need to know the role you are offering, so the candidates can see for themselves if they are a good match for it.

    If the main role is environmental, then again is that design of new clean facilities,improving old ones or providing a  consulting role for other depts? The person to set this up is the one who knows what these folk will be doing. By the sound of it, unfortunately, that is not you,