MSc or MScres ?

Hi, I’ve just finished an accredited BEng in Electronic Engineering and have reached a bit of a crossroads. I have been offered to do either an MSc in electronic Engineering or a MSc of research. Both aren’t accredited by the IET. 

So my question is which masters degree would make my application for a CEng easier? Also, do you have any advise on how I could tailor them to make them equal?

  • Hi,

    I'd advise very strongly to consider more: which of these will lead to the type of work you will want to do, and also which will you find most interesting (because you are likely to do best on a course you will enjoy more).

    You do not need a Masters (or any degree) to get CEng. If you have an accredited Masters (or BEng) it means that less evidence will be sought in your work of underpinning knowledge, but far far more important when you come to do your application is showing that you are working in a role that requires a "Master's level" engineering understanding. So it's much more important to do a course that's likely to get you such a role.

    I very rarely, if ever, see applicants for CEng with accredited Master's degrees!

    Hope that helps,



    (Professional Registration Advisor)