Fun with NFC tags!

I had one of my 'geekout' moments the other day and bought myself some NFC (near field communication) tags from a well known online retailer. 

It all came after watching a TikTok video of a woman who said she was fed up of constantly texting her husband in the morning to ask if he'd remembered to feed their dog before he went to work. So she set up an NFC tag near the dog bowl and programmed it so that her husband could tap it after feeding the dog and it would send her a text message with the words 'Dog fed' in it... Sunglasses

Well my geek drive went into overload and I just had to buy some of these magic beans for myself!!!

So far I've programmed one to display a  cute motivational image that I created on the phone of anyone who taps it (see image below Joy)  and I have plans to use one at the bottom of my stairs to switch off my WIFI controlled lights before going to bed and another that will hopefully play my 'Car Tunes' playlist from Spotify on my car stereo when I tap the tag on my dashboard.

Just wondering though, how many others in the EngX community have and use NFC tags, and what fun things you've found to do with them? 

have a fabulous day