End of the old Wiring regs forum?

Seems the old forum has been cut off and directs you to the new engX, does anyone know if this is temporary, as there’s vast amounts of info that will be lost

  • Hi  

    The old forum (which has been locked for the past few years) has indeed finally come to 'end of life'. The software it was built with is no longer supported which is why we had to move the forum over a few years back. 

  • Hi Lisa, I thought the intention was to keep it visible online, but inactive. I might be in the minority but still used it several times a week, due to there being so much content. Could the two be merged?

  • I wish the old one would come back, this one is almost unusable on iPad,social media buttons on top of the messages and so on.

  • It could only stay in that state for a short period as we no longer have a licence for the software used for it. It was only ever a matter of time before the plug was pulled completely.

    However, we do have a copy of the data (we took that as soon as we locked the forum) but there are ongoing discussions as to what to do with it.

    Out of interest what type of info do you search for on the old forum?

  • Not sure about 50hz, but my use is to search back for answers to similar  technical queries to those arising today - rather like searching a giant FAQ. Some of the earlier posts were far more tutorial than is easily possible in the later forum software, and a great many matters that arise from time to time during the day  job have already been covered in depth by others at some point in the last 10-18 years.

    The raw data is I think all on the wayback machine, but not so easily searched,,


  • Glad it wasn't just me; I was trying to look something up earlier this week and a load of links to the old forum came up on Google and very little else.

    I've read back through quite a few old discussions since the transition. Sometimes similar results on other sites come up but it is often the top result and normally the most relevant / useful / trustworthy. Perhaps my search history has an effect but in my opinion it really would be helpful to retain the discussions in a searchable format.

  • Exactly as Mike, i can think of the top of my head a few golden threads from Jobbo asking about Transformer ratings and AJewsbury explaining the adiabatic extremely well. As well as day to day searching for a design engineer

  • More to the point, are we getting to the end of the new forum?

    I found this forum through Google and it was the only forum which seemed to be reliable with lots of contribution from knowledgeable and skilled electricians. I learned a lot.

    There seems to be a lot of chatter now (e.g. examples of poor installations), a bit about coding for EICRs, and little else.

  • Hi Chris, I would agree with you there!

    A lot of ‘general chatter’ (from some, not all I would add) which drowns out the really useful and interesting information that can be found here. 

    To be frank, (and we’ve had feedback on this) the amount of ‘general chatter’ and lack of technical discussions also puts off others participating in the community so we’ll be taking steps to address that too. 

    @mapj I’m interested in your comments re using the forum as a big FAQ and I’ll be in touch with you offline to discuss further Slight smile

  • If I do an internet search it is amazing how often the old forum comes up as a top hit in the results, turning it off is removing an extremely useful guide and reference that I am sure is still well used.

    It also amazes me how often I asked the same question many years ago and had the answer explained to me!