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Another update

Hi all this is an update on my health problems that I've mentioned here before. Without beating around the Bush the consultant has told me I've got about 5 years left if I don't have the surgery. That bit of news certainly focused my attention so I've decided I'm definatley having it even though its still a scary prospect I definatley want to be about for longer than 5 years thanks for reading this. And Lisa I guess you'll move this post to a more appropriate place which is fine thanks again

  • Hello Kelly. hope that the surgery goes well and that you will be able to enjoy many more years of life. You are very brave and strong to face this challenge, and I admire your courage and determination. I am sending you my best wishes and positive thoughts.

  • Evening Kelly

    I am in no doubt all your mates on here will want to support you and will encourage you to go for the surgery. Understandably a bit of a scary choice but the right one to take.

    Are you still in to amateur radio? If so we could have a chat on 40m?


  • As JP says, you are supported in here. An electrical forum may seem to be an odd place, but I think that it is a compliment to the participants that you share your worries in here.

  • Hi John yes I'm still active on the air ide love to have a shed with you on 40 meters think that would be fun let me know when's best for you cheers