Why update my profile?

Your profile is not just used to manage how you would like to appear to others in the community, it is also used to filter/focus content within the community so that you see relevant content based on your interests.

Select your interests

Choosing your interests means you can take advantage of the keyword system we have in place, so we show you content you’re interested in on your home page and via your notifications (if you have them set). Any interests you have previously selected in your IET account will be displayed here – If you update your interests in the community it won’t be reflected in your IET settings. To edit your IET interests visit https://myiet.theiet.org.

People Search 

Let other community members find you via the ‘People search’. Selecting ‘yes’ to appear in the directory increases your networking opportunities and, if you’ve chosen to offer other skills, such as public speaking or collaboration, it helps people to find you. To protect your privacy, this page is only visible to logged in community members.

Specialist Areas 

If you’ve told us what you’re interested in, this is your opportunity to tell us what you consider to be your specialist area/s. We’ll use this information to show you questions from the community that your expertise may help to answer. You don’t have to fill it in if you don’t feel you have specialist knowledge but why not give it a go? You can always change this later by editing your profile.

Profile Image 

Did you know that community members are more likely to engage and interact with another member online if that member has a profile photo? Research has found that online profiles with a profile image are 7 times more likely to be viewed and have their connection requests accepted than those without. Community members are also more likely to value contributions from members who have a profile image than those without. It’s human nature to focus on faces and our brains associate information with pictures – this is how our memory works. So, if you don’t give people that first visual ‘hook’, you are more easily forgotten. 

Community Bio

Community display name – Changed your mind about how you want to be known in the community? You can change your display name here and this will change all instances of your name around the community. Of course. if someone else has chosen that name you won’t be able to have it too, so you’ll see a message asking you to choose something else.

Tell us a bit about yourself, what your accomplishments are, and any professional goals you might have. You may wish to reference any honours or awards you have received, and (briefly) outline some of your recent professional positions and experience. Or add links to other social media accounts you may have: LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Your IET Account

Much of your profile information (such as your name, IET membership status, local network, employer and your technical interests etc) will be automatically populated from the information the IET holds about you in our CRM database. To update any of this information visit your IET account https://myiet.theiet.org

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