CEng Application - Additional details/evidence are required

After it took 3 months for my application review process, I got the following reply from IET:

I am writing with regards to your CEng application that you have submitted, the Pre-Assessment Panel requested to see some further evidence from you. 

They have requested that you provide some further project examples for competences A and B. Please could you focus on one or two technical projects and cover the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result), providing greater detail in these areas, please could you go into Career Manager and complete the evidence (UK-SPEC doc attached for examples). 

Please complete a self assessment for the following sections of the UK-Spec framework:

A. Knowledge and Understanding
B. Design, development and solving engineering problems"
Please advise how to proceed. 
Shall I elaborate my previously listed projects/tasks more? Or add a new project/tasks to show the A and B competencies.