CEng Additional Evidence Required

Hi everyone, 

I wanted to have your with the ongoing review process of my application with the IET.

I submitted my application in May 2023, verified by three supporters. In August, I received a request for Further Evidence, specifically related to competencies A and B in the self-assessment section. In response, I submitted five new case studies, each tailored to address competencies A1, A2, B1, B2, and B3.

Recently, I received another communication from the IET, which posed several detailed questions seeking additional insights into my skills and knowledge. I have prepared my responses, but I find these queries somewhat repetitive, considering the comprehensive details about my professional roles are outlined in my CV, which has been shared with them.

The questions are as follows:

  1. Have you cited as a principal contractor role, and if so, can you explain about this specific role and who signed off your work?  
  2. As you have acted as a main contractor, have you done any detailed design for a contractor to the build against it, or is the design work you do conceptual? (i.e. the contractor works up the detailed design, and if so who signs off your work?)  
  3. Have you done conceptual design on behalf of a client, and if so, who signed off your work?  
  4. Can you provide a detailed short circuit and load flow analysis and generator sizing calculations? Did you do any protection settings as well as an earthing study?

Note: I have not worked as a principal contractor. However, I functioned as the main designer representing the principal contractor. And this was clearly indicated in my CV and my originally submitted application.

I have prepared a detailed response that I can share with anyone willing to review to ensure it adequately addresses the IET's queries.

Moreover, if you have any general recommendations that could be beneficial at this stage, I would appreciate to discuss them further.



  • Thanks for the 'negative' tick in my detailed response to try and help you !

  • Ah. Just accidently I had done it while checking it with mobile. This is the best answer I ever had received.Sorry for the inconvenience.



  • Dear Rajitha,

    I hope this message finds you well. I understand that you may be concerned about the duration of the PRI. However, please note that the interviewers and administrator from IET will be monitoring the time frame, and it is unlikely that they will allow the interview to exceed the allotted time. As Graham mentioned, it may be most appropriate and fair to run another PRI by considering this.

    During my PRI, one of the interviewers monitored the time spent during our discussions for different competences. Sometimes, they allowed me to further elaborate and provide evidence twice if I did not provide enough information in my first reply then they would just move on to the next competence to save time. The key goal for the PRI is for you to present and substantiate all the competences in the provided time frame.

    Regardless of what happened during your first PRI, I wish you all the best for your second chance. Let’s prepare well and elaborate on each competence as clearly as possible.

    Good luck!!

  • Dear Adonis,

    Thanks for the clarification.I appreciate it.

  • Did you progress your application to the PRI stage? I guess these questions are there to help draw out further information to support your case.