Pre interview assessment

Dear All,

I submitted my Professional Registeration Application sometime ago. Following an update request, I was informed that my application is with the Pre assessment panel and a few weeks later was informed the moderator has been given a deadline! What does this mean in terms of next steps! Could that mean the pre assessment is concluded? Also, assuming it is all positive, do they offer an online PRI's option via TEAMS or ZOOM?

It will be good to update the status of the application frequently on CM rather than “submitted”! Trying to establish where your application is sat can be frustrating.

  • Hi SMY,

    I can answer some of your questions but not all. Assuming that your application is for IEng or CEng, the application is given to assessors to decide whether they consider you have a reasonable chance of success at an interview. However before the assessors, it goes to a pre-assessment panel to check that the application is complete - “are all the appropriate parts of the form filled in”, “is the organisation chart included”, “have the supporters made their statements”, and of course being mercenary “has the fee been paid”.

    I have never heard of a case where the applicant has been advised that the moderator has been given a deadline (though there is no reason why I would hear this so it may not be as unusual as all that) but it sounds to me as if there has been a hold up of some kind and action has been taken to ensure there are no further delays.

    With regard to interviews, they are currently being carried out online and I believe Zoom is preferred though Teams is also possible (as is Skype). As many of the interviewers are very senior professionals or even retired they are generally in the ‘vulnerable’ category due to age and the IET prefers to follow the guidelines for Covid safety in this respect.

    I hope this helps.


  • Thank you Alasdair. Very positive news on the PRIs being online. 

  • Yes I can confirm this, I have also recently applied for Professional Registration. I have received an email this week stating that pre-assessment has been complete and that a PRI interview will be scheduled as soon as a panel can be made up. In the email it also states I have a choice of doing the interview via video link or if I want I can wait until until a time where it is suitable and safe to have a face to face interview. Best of luck with your application.

  • Thank you Andrew. Just to help me establish a potential timeline and I know every application is unique, how long did you have to wait for the pre-assessment feedback?


  • 13 weeks from application submission to get feedback from pre-assessment panel. 

  • I also being contacted after 13 weeks after I submitted my registration in CM. Good luck SMY. Cheers Eddy