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Tracking time in Career Manager for ongoing activities

A question for those that are tracking their CPD using Career Manager.  If you have an ongoing activity, how do you capture the time spent?

The specific example I am thinking about is the fact I am a Professional Registration Advisor (not with the IET, but it still counts as CPD).  That type of activity is usually performed over a period of time culminating when the relationship ends (normally due to the applicant successfully achieving registration).

I have been capturing the details as individual tasks up to now, but the issue is that doing that is a lot of work (which tends to mean it doesn't get done) and essentially the reflection is better done when it covers a number of reviews over the course of a year. But when I roll up the task at the end of the year, I find that I have to estimate the hours spent.

The obvious solution is to log hours in the description or reflection fields - but that doesn't feel quite right.

So, has anyone else had these type of periodic activities to capture in career manager?

I suspect my new role as a STEM/Education Ambassador will also result in similar patterns.

Many Thanks!

Mark Tickner