PRI feedback

Hi all,

I’ve just had my PRI for my IEng application and was wondering whether I’d see the feedback from the interviewers? 

I’m fairly confident that the interview went well and I can’t recall any points where I didn’t have an answer that the interviewers seemed happy with. I’m just curious about how they saw it from their perspective. 

Thanks in advance for any responses.

  • Hi Bradley,

    The only feedback you really want to see is "You have been granted Registration at IEng". (The alternative is "You have been unsuccessful......")

    The IET do not generally provide feedback. I believe you can request to see the interviewers comments but the paperwork would probably need to be anonymised to remove any personal details from the records which is extra work, and if you are successful then what is the point as you have the most important feedback.

    From my perspective (not as an interviewer, mind) as a PRA who has been passed a number of candidates to advise following their rejection,  I have seen a number of candidates who felt they had answered all the questions the interviewers asked and seemed resentful that they had been rejected but on questioning further it would come out that the interviewers had repeatedly asked the same or similar questions so were obviously not happy with the answer given. I notice that you say that the interviewers seemed happy with your answers so I suspect you have justification in feeling fairly confident.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi Alasdair, 

    Many thanks for your reply. I thought that may be the case.

    I certainly can’t recall them repeating any questions although I’m rethinking everything in the days since! 

    Kind regards,