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Welcome to Manchester Local Network!

The Manchester Local Network is led by local volunteers who come together to organise lectures and technical visits that provide opportunities to learn and meet new people. All events are open to the public and most are free of charge.

The Local Network aims to raise awareness of science, engineering and technology in the local area, and promote membership of the IET.

If you have any question about Manchester Network or are interested in volunteering for any of our activities, please contact us at: 

Please visit the events page filtered by Manchester Local Network to find out about our upcoming events.

IET Manchester NEC

The Manchester Local Network has a Network Executive Committee (NEC). The NEC is the network leadership team that presides over the activities of the network. The NEC ensures the goals of the network and ultimately the mission of the IET is delivered in our community. Members of the Manchester NEC are:

Chair Paul Mgbeze
Treasurer Haley Lu
Secretory Alexander Frost
Online Administrator Kent Wei
Vice-online administrator Olivier Saywell
Chair of Young Professionals Group Nick Mars
Chair of Retired Members Group Ben Cheung
Chair of Power Technical Group Hamzah Ahmed
Chair of Transport Technical Group Conor Chaplin
Chair of Multi-Technical Group Michael Smithson