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The Spain Network is led by local volunteers who come together to organise lectures and technical visits that provide opportunities to learn and meet new people. All events are open to the public and most are free of charge.

The Local Network aims to raise awareness of science, engineering and technology in the local area, and promote membership of the IET.

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On the 28th of April members and friends of IET Barcelona Local Network visited the new control room for the TV3 News24h.

This Broadcasting company is moving its current news installation from a "cabled" version to a totally "Video-over-IP" system.

During the visit we learned about the improved flexibility to connect the video sources to the one control point from which all the output channels are fanning out, but also at the challenges to check the integrity and functionality of such a distributed system with respect to the previous one.

In fact, the old point-to-point cabled video connections now go through 1.5GB/s fibre network connection, with the need to control the traffic going through each cable so as to avoid overloads of the HDTV signals going through it.

Additionally, we visited the data centre, where all the servers are running and serving the client PCs in the control room. Video processing power is located in this server room, processing the video streams coming from the on-stage cameras and routing the output to the selected channel after processing.

Of interest as well the quick overlook to the settings of a couple of popular talent shows.

An interesting learning opportunity for the IET visitors and all those passionate about broadcasting.

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On 20 January 2023  - the Barcelona network organised a webinar on Olympic Broadcasting Services: The technology behind the Olympic Games  which was a great success.

A recording of the webinar is available