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The Aerospace Network brings together aerospace professionals  to network and hear about new developments in all aspects of aerospace i.e., commercial, industrial, and military applications.

IET Aerospace Technical Network Chair’s Welcome

Welcome to the Aviation and Aerospace technical Network.  Our committee members are here to inspire current and future generation engineers in the sectors, and also inform industry professionals.  We hope to do this by creating engaging content and events about career paths and showcase innovative technological advances which accelerate sustainability and inclusion in our sector.  We’re always open to suggestions for webinar topics, video and social media short clips, or perhaps joining up with other networks on communications, AI, electrification, safety and innovation.  And of course, we are keen to hear from anyone that would like to get more involved in volunteering.  If you’ve got the ideas and the vision, we can help connect you to people in our professional networks. Take a look at who’s who below and we look forward to connecting- Simon Brown 

Our Mission is to: 

  • inspire current and future generation engineers in the Aviation and Aerospace sectors,
  • inform industry professionals influence government policy,
  • create engaging content and events about career paths;
  • showcase innovative technological advances and addressing societal challenges 

Introducing Our Committee:

Simon Brown CEng FIET (Chair) 

Simon has enjoyed a long career in Aviation, having started at NATS (UK Air Traffic Control) in 1999 where he worked in systems engineering and product development roles, leaving 17 years later to join Heathrow airport as Head of IT Architecture for Operations.  During the pandemic he joined the emerging urban air mobility, drone delivery sector in the UK’s Future Flight Challenge, leading a consortium of 13 partners to research distributed ledger technology for aviation data exchange.  He’s currently easyJet’s Enterprise Architect for Airline Operations, helping to migrate applications into the cloud as well as bringing together customer and operations teams to re-imagine the airport experience.  He has been an IET volunteer for over a decade, led IET consultation responses, presented, and assembled webinar panels over the years.  He took up the role of the Technical Network Chair in December 2023.

Andrew Benn

Andrew graduated from the University of Southampton in 2009 with a Meng in Electro-Mechanical engineering and became a chartered engineer in 2015. Andrew has worked in the aerospace industry for the last 12 years and is currently an engineering manager at Collins Aerospace. He is experienced in the design of electric motor controllers having worked on electric actuation products for A350, KC390 and MC21. He is now focused on electric propulsion technology and creating solutions for the design challenges with higher voltage and higher power requirements for future aircraft. In addition to his professional work, Andrew is a passional supporter of STEM education and lead several school and further education projects to encourage the take up of engineering.

Mo Taher

Mohammad Taher is an engineer working at Heathrow Airport. He graduated as an aerospace engineer and now specialises in airport systems. He has also built an online community of over 500,000 people across platforms where he teaches and educates the world about engineering and aviation using short, sharp video content. Feel free to check out his work @Mo_T_ivate.

John Turton BTech CEng MIMechE MIET ARAeS

Former research and development technical/project team leader.  Currently pursuing interests in hybrid and all-electric commercial aircraft technologies, including developing a design handbook for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).  Recently led an international inter-university Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) design-and-build competition for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).  Experienced engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the aviation and aerospace industry. He has led a wide range of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft definition/demonstrator/development programmes, as well as deployable communications and exploitation system acquisitions.

Technical expertise in; aircraft systems integration, integrated avionics, safety-critical software and software-based systems development and certification, control systems and airborne sensors, gas turbines, aerodynamic and structural design, aircraft support systems and evaluation trials, communications systems and command and control systems.


Konstantinos Stamoulis

Konstantinos Stamoulis was trained as Aeronautical Engineer and specialized in Applied Mechanics (MSc NTUA, Greece) and in Materials Science and Engineering (MSc MIT, US). He finished his PhD in 2008 on Fatigue of Micromechanical Systems (UTH, Greece). He has been involved in teaching and research in various academic programmes and worked as research assistant at the Technology Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures (MIT, US) and at the Laboratory for Strength of Materials and Micromechanics (UTH, Greece).

Konstantinos was formerly a senior officer in the Hellenic Air Force (HAF), where he held various technical and operational appointments in maintenance and engineering organizations and served as Director of Engineering and Industrial Design at the Air Force Aircraft Depot from 2011 to 2017.

Following his departure from HAF in 2018, Konstantinos joined AUAS as a full-time, associate professor where his areas of interest include novel maintenance technologies, advanced materials engineering, and data analytics in Aviation MRO. Since 2020, he has been appointed as full professor of Aviation Engineering at the Faculty of Technology.

Arkadiusz Wieclewski (YP)

Electrical systems engineer designing power systems for aircraft engines. Arkadiusz graduated in 2020 from Cardiff University with BEng in integrated engineering where his final year dissertation focused on partial discharges in electric aircraft. Over the course of his degree, he completed a year-long work placement in mechanical design and undertook internship in an airline fuel department where he worked on fuel consumption initiatives. Having completed university, Arkadiusz worked in Intelligent Transport Systems engineering consultancy until 2022, when he returned to aerospace industry. Arkadiusz interests cover systems engineering, electrical engineering, avionics and electronics, future technology and robotics. He is currently working towards his chartership with the IET.

Sheona Martin (YP)

Business Analyst/Systems Engineer with 5 years’ experience in the Aviation Sector, specialising in Passenger Security Technologies (Bag & Body Screening). Working for a consultancy, I have been part of Security Transformation Programmes across the UK, mainly at Heathrow Airport. My background is Mechanical Engineering and currently working towards my CEng with IET. I love getting out to industry events across the transport sector and seeing new technology in action. For example, Passenger Terminal Expo and most recently, seeing Project CAVForth up & running in Edinburgh. Previously, I worked in Manufacturing Engineering in regulated industries, such as Defence Aerospace & Pharmaceutical sectors, focused on process improvement. As a Graduate Engineer, I was responsible for Smart Motorway Variable Speed Limit Calibration & work to understand public perception of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Patrick Capaldo (YP)

I am Patrick Capaldo, I currently work as a Machine Learning Software Engineer at Airbus, have graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical and Aerospace) (First Class Honours) and Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (Computer Science Major), and have volunteered at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) for over three years. I am self-motivated and aspirational, hold a strong passion for space-related fields, and take great enjoyment out of promoting STEM learning for younger generations.

Harry Hancock (YP)

Harry Hancock is an ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target-Acquisition and Reconnaissance) Systems Engineer working at Thales UK. He graduated with BEng Aerospace Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton in 2022 and has a background in Artificial Intelligence (AI) software development, autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems, Satellite Communications (Satcom), avionic systems and Internet of Things (IoT) for environmental monitoring. As an entry level Systems Engineer at Thales UK he has so far been tasked with Integration, Verification, Validation and Qualification (IVVQ) activities on aircraft Satcom projects.

Professor Antonios Tsourdos
Bert Bwerudza
Frederick Eastham
Jonathan Watson - Rolls Royce Representative
Mark Aizlewood
Zhengjia Xu

Chair Yun-Hang Cho

Ilham Dahmani Fikry
Jason Huynh
Mukhtar Abbas
Shahaz-Ali Bharwani


Our Key Topics

The Network is focusing on several key hot topics at present including:

  • Decarbonisation in Transport
  • Urban Air Mobility
  • Sustainability in Aerospace


Each year the TN organise several hot topic events including seminars (F2F and online), webinars, Engineering student technical visits/workshops and also engage with external stakeholder activities.

Flight Crowd

The TN supports Flight Crowd who are an open Urban Air Mobility community, who want to appeal to both industry professionals and the general public, acting as a bridge between them. Over the past year they have grown and evolved their vision and ambitions. Explore their new websiteincluding a variety of content within the Inform, Engage and Inspire channels!

Aerospace Partnership

The IET Aerospace TN are part of the above partnership along with the IMechE Aerospace Division and RAeS.
See here for further information on the other two institutions events IMechE and RAeS


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