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The Aerospace Network brings together aerospace professionals  to network and hear about new developments in all aspects of aerospace i.e., commercial, industrial, and military applications.

Chairman's Welcome

The Aerospace industry because of the Covid-19 pandemic, is facing unprecedented times never faced since commercial aviation became a globalised mode of travel. One of the impacts of this will be future skill shortages due to people moving to other industries and will reduce the influx of young engineers coming into the industry. The effect will be reduced competitiveness of industry combined with the challenges of Brexit.


With that said, I believe that this presents opportunities for R&D into low-to-zero carbon emerging technologies, which are being pursued. This will provide a new direction for the Aerospace TN to have a bigger impact. Our objective is to drive engagements in battery, hydrogen fuel cell/direct burn, UAM/drone technologies to mention a few. This focus on new/emerging technologies will drive our strategic plans, events, and engagements with other TNs, groups and committees such as the Transport Panel. We will also ensure alignment with the IET’s 2030 plan.


To achieve this, we welcome opportunities for new engagement with our Executive Team, Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and Young Professionals Group, please contact our Community Manager, via the generic email address at the bottom of this page if you are interested.


We will also be organising a series of events focusing on our key aforementioned themes. These are regularly published through the various IET platforms so please sign up to get the latest information.


We welcome your future participation with the TN and look forward to making a difference together and realising our objective.


Thank you


Dr Arnold Gad-Briggs

IET Aerospace TN Chairman

Our Key Topics

The Network is focussing on several key hot topics at present including:

  • Decarbonisation in Transport
  • Urban Air Mobility
  • Sustainability in Aerospace


Each year the TN organise several hot topic events including seminars (F2F and online), webinars, Engineering student technical visits/workshops and also engage with external stakeholder activities such as the Royal International Air Tattoo, Farnborough Friday and World Space Week.

Flight Crowd

The TN supports Flight Crowd who are an open Urban Air Mobility community, who want to appeal to both industry professionals and the general public, acting as a bridge between them. Over the past year they have grown and evolved their vision and ambitions. Explore their new websiteincluding a variety of content within the Inform, Engage and Inspire channels!

Aerospace Partnership

The IET Aerospace TN are part of the above partnership along with the IMechE Aerospace Division and RAeS.
See here for further information on the other two institutions events IMechE and RAeS

Executive Committee

Chair Dr Arnold Gad-Briggs
Vice Chair Simon Brown
Past Chair Ray Smith
Digital & Social Manager Mohammed Taher

Committee members

Andrew Benn
Professor Antonios Tsourdos
Bert Bwerudza
Catherine Phillips
Frederick Eastham
Gerald Giddins
John Turton - IMechE Representative
Jonathan Watson - Rolls Royce Representative
Professor Konstantinos Stamoulis - University of Amsterdam, Aviation Academy Representative
Mark Aizlewood
Zhengjia Xu

Community Manager: Deborah-Claire McKenzie            

Younger Professionals Group Committee

Chair Rob Allison
Vice Chair Vacant

Committee Members

Arkadiusz Wieclewski
Dilani Selvanathan
Edita Chavez-Heredia
Erika Ramos
Ilham Dahmani Fikry
Ken Yeen Lee
Kruti Joshi
Mansi Joshi
Mukhtar Abbas
Swapnil Maddula
Yannick Olivier Orounla
Yun-Hang Cho

Technical Advisory Panel          

Andy Mills
Charles Patchett
Chris Page
Christopher John
David Lindley
Gary Clayton
Graham Webb
Haydn Thompson
James Vincent
Janice Man
John Beirne
John Roe
Jon Dunsdon
Kristen Facciol
Lee Gilbert
Mohammed Shoieb
Dr Nektarios Karanikas
Nicholas Ladner
Peter Holtby
Phil Cutcher
Raj Takhar
Rahul Guiris
Ray Smith
Sotirios Ntaoulous

Contact Us 

Deborah-Claire MacKenzie - Community Manager