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The IET Media Technical Network covers TV, Radio and streaming. Our industry covers a long chain of media delivery from the studio or location to streaming sticks and TVs. In between, there are editing systems, broadcast systems such as DVB, ATSC and DMB/DAB, streaming technology, content security systems and much more. Of course, technology is moving fast and one of our jobs is to even ask what “media technology” is and what it includes.

We try to produce a range of events and content which are interesting and useful to engineers and also that address issues in our sector and beyond. This year, running to Summer 2022, our theme is Sustainability in Media and Broadcast Engineering. Past events include lectures on the history of video tape, cyber security for broadcasters, the use of viewers personal data and content protection. We usually hold the John Logie Baird Lecture in the Summer and then run events at IBC. We also produce blogs and a series of video tutorials on our YouTube channel


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