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The Nuclear engineering Technical Network facilitates sharing and understanding of technical information and knowledge associated with Nuclear engineering for the benefit of IET members and the wider community. All of our events are open to the public and most are free of charge.

IET Nuclear Technical Network

About the Network

The IET Nuclear Engineering Technical Network (NETN) is a cross-industry working group supporting the IET and its members. 

Our Purpose

The following core principles describe the purpose of the Nuclear Engineering Technical Network (NETN). All activities performed by the TN ultimately support these objectives.

1. Advocate for the nuclear industry within the UK technical community

2. Encourage sharing of information between nuclear licensees

3. Advise the IET on key events within the nuclear industry

4. Support IET Members working within the nuclear industry with cross-industry events thereby supporting Continuous Professional Development.

5. Engage and inspire future generations of engineers and technicians to work in the nuclear sector.


Upcoming Events

 Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station - Instrumentation & Control System Architecture Webinar
9 July 2024 – 12.00pm 

Dave Pearson, Chief C&I Engineer at Hinkley Point C will set out the principles against which modern safety critical Instrumentation & Control Systems are developed against, exploring the concepts of Redundancy, Diversity and Equipment Qualification, and applying these to delivery of the UK’s newest nuclear power Station project.

The architecture necessary to deliver safe, resilient and secure monitoring and control of the Nuclear Reactor and associated systems will be discussed, together with an overview of some of the challenges faced by large and small-scale high-integrity system lifecycles.


 STEP: Generating Energy from Fusion Webinar
5 September 2024 - 12.00pm 

This webinar will introduce fusion energy generation, together with the challenges and opportunities associated with this area of technology as well as the plans for the UKAEA’s first of a kind fusion power plant - Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP).

The speakers Dr Adam Stephen, Head of Advanced Controls Unit, UKAEA and Terry Thompson, Control System Lead, STEP, UKAEA, will also discuss the general characterisation of STEP’s control system and how that compares to the control systems for fission power plant and other relevant engineering industries.

 Nuclear Engineering Conference

9th October 2024: 9:30am - 4pm 

Save the Date - Nuclear Engineering Conference - IET Events (

Fusion Industry School

17th - 20th June and Oxford 30th Sept - 3rd October

The Fusion Industry School is returning in 2024 for its third year, in York 17th - 20th June and Oxford 30th Sept - 3rd October.  On offer, is a 2-week interactive programme of lectures from world-leading experts in fusion, aimed at providing an overview of the current progress and challenges to industry professionals. The school consists of lectures, networking sessions, panel discussions and Q&As as well as visits to the UKAEA national fusion facilities. 

Please visit the FIS website for programme information, testimonials from previous delegates and to register:

Past Events

Alternative Routes to Market with Modular Nuclear Reactors

17 April 2024: 12-1pm

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

This event has now passed, to stream the recorded webinar, visit:

You can also download below the answers from the speaker Michael Drury to the Q&A session.


How the Use of Digital Technology can Transform your Business Effectiveness.

21st February 2024: 12-1pm 

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Using Digital technology has the power to transform how we manage nuclear (and non-nuclear) assets. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) can all combine to transform how we create and maintain existing and new assets in a more effective and creative way – providing benefits to designers, maintainers, human factors, ergonomics capabilities and those charged with operating and maintaining these assets.

This event has now passed, to stream the recorded webinar, visit:

Meet The Team

Alan Steedman CEng MIET Chairperson

Alan has spent the last 10 years of his career employed by Sellafield Ltd working in various roles within the Engineering Design discipline both in Warrington and Cumbria. Most of Alans career has focused on engineering physical security and emergency management systems within the UK nuclear industry.

Alan was elected the Chair of the Nuclear Technical network in March 2023 with a view to reinvigorate the TN. Alan aims to help spread the message and raise awareness of the opportunities within the nuclear industry to the wider IET membership.

 Phil Gilders CEng MIET Vice Chairperson

Phil is the IET Discipline Chair for EDF Energy, and have worked in the nuclear industry for 18 years, with the majority of my experience focused on C&I within the UK’s operating nuclear fleet. During my career I have particularly focused on reactor protection systems, management of ageing and obsolescence and the qualification of smart devices to meet nuclear safety duties.  

I believe that the TN can perform a vital role in supporting the technical community, helping them understand the importance of the nuclear industry, the challenges which we face, and the opportunities which are available within the UK and around the world.



 Ian Belger CEng FIET

Ian has worked in the Nuclear Industry for most of his working life and has held various roles in both the Design and Operational environments for Sellafield Ltd since 1989. Ian is now working for Jacobs Engineering as a part-time design consultant, and represent them on this Nuclear TN.

The TN can be an important voice for the wide nuclear industry in the UK. Ian has a history of involvement with the TN, and with the IET itself, so aims to bring experience and enthusiasm to the group.

Will Davies

Will is the instrumentation and control architect for the SPARC project at Commonwealth Fusion Systems and is responsible for the integrated design and realisation of (almost) everything that is measured or controlled in the SPARC device and surrounding facility.

Will has been at CFS since July 2021 and prior to that he led I&C design for the ITER tritium plant - probably the largest such plant in the world - as well as being responsible for integration of local and central I&C systems across the facility.

Will’s career started with British Energy (latterly EDF Energy) in Barnwood, Gloucester, on their graduate training scheme, and subsequently, he led safety-critical I&C work for the fuel route systems of Hartlepool and Heysham 1 power stations through the transition to EDF Energy.

Prior to that Will grew up as a sheep farmer in the Yorkshire Dales and studied computer systems and software engineering at the University of York.

 Barry Brooks

Barry read Electrical Engineering at Imperial College, sponsored by the Royal Navy.

Barry is a past president of the IET and has sat on both the Board of Trustees and Council for a number of years. He established the Nuclear Technical Network and is a CEng / IEng / FIET assessor and interviewer. Barry is a strong advocate for small civil nuclear reactors and clean hydrogen as alternatives to fossil fuels.

 Paul Stirling

Paul is a chartered member of the IET and his current role is a Principal Nuclear Cyber Security Consultant for Jacobs. Paul has been working within the Nuclear Industry for over 20 years, primarily delivering ICS Sellafield projects and more latterly, over the last 5 or 6 years has been focused on OT Security projects within Nuclear. Paul is a supporter of the Nuclear TN as it helps bring together the varied elements of the Nuclear Industry and bring that combined view to issues such as the engineering skills shortage.

 Zain Iqbal

Zain is proud to be a dedicated member of the IET's Nuclear Technical Network Committee. With a strong foundation in electrical and electronic engineering, acquired at Loughborough University, and five years of experience in the nuclear industry and the nuclear regulator, Zain brings a unique blend of technical and regulatory insight to the committee. His approach to regulating the nuclear industry, as part of the ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation), is centred on enabling innovation to enhance nuclear safety. Zain's passion lies in nurturing and empowering engineers to excel in their roles, ultimately contributing to the continuous improvement of nuclear safety systems.

 Aisling Mattinson

Aisling is an Electrical Engineer for Jacobs and has 9 years’ experience within the nuclear sector, with most of her time spent seconded to projects within the nuclear industry.

Aisling’s is responsible for producing suites of Control, Electrical and Instrumentation design deliverables for projects on the Sellafield site. This involves following the design process from concept, preliminary and detail, through to procurement, and testing. As a STEAM Ambassador, Aisling regularly promotes engineering & nuclear within schools and workshops, with a passion for engaging and promoting ‘Women in Engineering’

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