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Quantum applications are supported by diverse disciplines - cryogenics, high vacuum techniques, Laser technologies and photonics research and development through to sensor technologies and beyond. Quantum science has made significant inroads into engineered products and services, technologies and has common themes of interest that a QETN could support and develop.

This network brings together engineers working in quantum technologies to share knowledge and practical experience concerning the development of skills, products and applications and their underpinning technologies.

We have produced a series of  six recorded webinars covering the research and development work across the U.K.; the activities of the four U.K. Quantum Hubs in Timing and Sensing, Quantum Communications, Computing and Simulation, Imaging and an overview of the recently launched National Quantum Computing Centre.  You can watch the videos on demand by heading over to the Technical Webinar Hub or directly by following this link

 This network is also an integral part of the IET Quantum Engineering Linked In Group

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Webinar - An adventure into Quantum Computing produced by Hong Kong colleagues

The Innovation Management Technical Group have an upcoming webinar that might be of interest:

Successfully Managing Innovation – Funding and navigating the innovation landscape - Episode 6
Monday, July 11, 2022, 1.30 BST
Free to attend. More information and register online

Speakers include:

Dr Mark Scibor-Rylski, Chair Innovation Management TN Committee member
Modwenna Rees-Mogg, Angel News, Funding Index
Jake Ronay, Newable Ventures
Jens Tholstrup, SQW Group