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Ask a Net Zero Manager

Welcome to IET EngX’s first Ask the Expert event.

This time, it’s all about reaching net zero in a hard to decarbonise sector.

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Meet our Expert  Erusa Adizie 

Erusa Adizie CEng MIET is the Net Zero Manager at Tarmac, a sustainable building materials company.  Her role involves defining emissions targets and developing the roadmaps that will allow the company to reach net zero targets. 

Erusa has degrees in electrical and electronic engineering with management and safety and reliability engineering.

Erusa says:

"We can’t forget the hard to decarbonise sectors (cement, steel, glass) on our journey to net zero. Cement production is energy intensive and accounts for 5-6% of all man-made CO2 emissions and so there is a lot of pressure on the cement industry to reduce CO2 emissions.  Concrete is the second-most-consumed product globally after water, and it is used in almost everything we build— buildings, bridges and roads. It is constant demand and will be used to develop our net zero world.

I am passionate about the energy transition and have had various roles, all exclusively within energy. My first role was working for an oil and gas services company, initially working offshore as a field engineer and then sales engineer.  After this, worked for National Grid in the Electricity Transmission group as a project supervisor in which I managed infrastructure construction projects on site.  I then worked as an Innovation Engineer for Drax, a power generation company. All of these roles have given me a great insight into the UK energy landscape.

I think that I have found my passion in the energy and sustainability and in discovering how I can use my engineering skills and knowledge to make a real difference."

You can ask her questions such as:

  • What are the energy projects that your company are working on?
  • What innovative technologies will be significant?
  • What are the drawbacks/challenges for the energy transition? 

Post a question for Erusa  before 22nd November!