Look at that cute little garden fun guy.

Novabot is apparently an “intelligent, automated robotic lawnmower and the innovative solution for the perfect lawn you have been waiting for”. Well, I haven’t really been waiting, but hey. Let’s get mowing!

It’s developed by LF Intelligence, an AI-driven robotics start-up aimed at developing and promoting “affordable” autonomous lawn management robots.

According to its makers, Novabot keeps the grass greener while you “kick back” and control it via the Nova app. I wouldn’t be kicking back, I’d be watching it doing its thing, all cute and AI-ing everywhere.

“Cutting-edge” technology (excellent pun, LF Intelligence) means Novabot apparently mows in straight lines, trims borders in multiple zones, avoids objects with computer vision, and returns to its base after mowing. Aww, it has its own wee bedroom. Cute.

The Novabot does not need perimeter cables to work, so it doesn’t look “unsightly on your lawn”....