Cute. But why?

This caught my eye because why wouldn’t it? Its name is Slugbunny. But it’s not what you’d expect unfortunately.

I saw the pictures and thought, wow! This must be some sort of high-tech rabbit/slug hybrid that can bounce around and leave a trail of pink slime in its wake.

The hype and pics make me think it’s a Furby-type gadget that I must look after.

But no. It’s just a cuddly toy in a box. I’m disappointed.

Described as the “squishiest, squarest, lovable bunny plush toy out there! It’s [typo, not me] soft fur is very snugglable [that’s not a word] and easy to machine wash & dry.”

It’s half slug, half bunny. But not really.

Its “habitat” is a hand-crafted box with a magnetic snap and pull tab, and “it’s [AGAIN?!] playful design gives Slugbunny’s ears plenty of room to breathe and stand out while sitting on your bookshelf”. Sigh. Bored now.

A “Japanese folded” booklet has the plushie’s “origin story” – like some superhero...