The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has published a plan which sets out how all five of Britain’s gas grid companies will meet the government’s target.

It will also mean that domestic gas-fired power plants will be able to use blended hydrogen to generate cleaner electricity.

The companies are also calling for the government to double its domestic 2030 hydrogen production target from 5GW to 10GW, to ensure that as much hydrogen as possible is produced from sources here in the UK. This could also help to avoid future spikes in gas prices the likes of which have caused a multitude of energy firms to collapse over the last few months.

The ENA said that blending 20 per cent hydrogen into the gas grid will reduce carbon emissions by the equivalent of 2.5 million cars a year without any changes needed to be made to people’s cookers, boilers or heating systems.

The plan builds on the progress made by gas network companies through the HyDeploy project, which...

Robert Heaton