Welcome to our greenest ever issue. You can tell because this month we talk more about environmental issues than we’ve ever done before. We use buzzwords like climate change, sustainable, net zero and kinder to the planet. We’ve got lots of headlines in green too, pictures of the national treasure that’s David Attenborough, some police carting off Greta Thunberg, and lots of lovely trees in an architect’s vision of a utopian sustainable future. And just look at all that green on our cover! It all goes to show just how amazingly green we are.

Whether it’s a brochure to sell another product, an annual report to reassure investors, or PR to show a caring side, words and pictures come quite easy. It’s the backing it up with action that’s the harder part. Organisations want it known that they’re responding to climate change more seriously with targets, audits and strategies. And I don’t doubt the intent is usually genuine.

Yet the greenwash may not always...