Held at the IET’s home of Savoy Place in London, the event saw 17 awards presented – some in person, some virtually – in a hybrid event that had the advantage of effectively opening its doors to everyone who was interested in celebrating the best projects on the planet. Winners came from around the globe.

This year’s Awards programme was the first to embrace E&T’s critical targets – the societal challenges that it is incumbent on engineers and technologists to solve. Woven into the categories was recognition for those who are tackling climate change, diversity, ethics and more. The result was a stellar range of winners, all making positive contributions to the global community.

Here are this year’s recipients.

Difference-Maker of the Year

Esther Ngumbi

This year’s recipient was born in a rural farming community along the Kenyan Coast.

Education for girls was considered unimportant and there were no societal role models to inspire girls to reach for...