It plans to slowly increase the number over July and August by gradually raising capacity level at the airport as long as staffing number support it.

During the peak holiday period, the airport will see 825 flights a day take off in July and then up to 850 flights a day in August.

The move follows a rapid upturn in air traffic levels at Gatwick, with the Jubilee holiday week seeing around 800 flights use the runway on average each day.

Gatwick has already seen over 10 million passengers travel through the airport in the first six months of this year as numbers rise after the Covid-19 pandemic, which badly affected the aviation sector.

Despite the rebounding of the sector, Heathrow Airport recently revealed that passenger numbers had only reached 79 per cent of pre-pandemic levels in May.

In a self-penned review of its capabilities, Gatwick found that a number of companies based there will continue to operate with a severe lack of staff resources over...