Taming the ‘Wild West’ of home EV chargers

There is much work to be done to help UK householders who want to have home electric-vehicle charging points installed, if my own recent experience is typical. I am not a power engineer but have a telecommunications engineering background. My experience, and that of my approved installer, has been that a ‘Wild West’ situation seems to face EV purchasers as far as arranging home charging is concerned.

A wide range of charging points are openly advertised, but are of varying capability and – apparently – quality of design. My own attempts at making a choice of equipment have fallen foul of the local electricity distribution network operator (DNO)’s rules on load, so that my chosen 7kW single-​phase capable Easee One charging point can only be run at 13A charge current until the DNO conducts a load test before sanctioning an increase. After two months my installer is still waiting for the results. I have found no...

Robert Heaton