The North Sea oil and gas industry is on track to meet early emissions reduction targets, according to a new analysis from the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA).

The organisation, formerly known as the Oil and Gas Authority, said the sector posted cuts of more than one-fifth between 2018 and 2021, adding up to an overall reduction of 21.5 per cent since 2018.

However, NSTA pointed out that this rate might not be enough to meet the government's goal of halving emissions by 2030, a target that would require undertaking "bold" measures. Among these measures, the upgrading of platforms to run on clean electricity, rather than gas or diesel, is considered “essential”.

Without such action, targets agreed as part of the North Sea Transition Deal (NSTD) will not be delivered, NSTA said. It also described meeting these targets as the “absolute minimum” the organisation expects from the oil and gas industry. 

“The industry has made impressive...