A survey, conducted by digital security provider Tanium, of UK IT decision makers who had recently experienced a cyber attack found that 86 per cent think that senior leadership is ‘only likely to invest in cyber security after suffering a damaging attack’.

Of those polled, 75 per cent of respondents in Tanium’s ‘Cybersecurity: Prevention Is Better than the Cure’ report stated that ‘some cyber-security incidents needed to happen’ in order to get increased tech investment from their leaderships.

“Net new funding is weighted more towards the remediation of breaches once they’ve happened,” said Oliver Cronk, chief IT architect EMEA at Tanium. “The situation is the equivalent of a business leaving the front door and windows of its offices open and only locking them after a burglary has taken place.”

The report, launched at Infosecurity Europe 2022 this week, also found that loss of productivity resulting from downtime is cited by 56 per cent of respondents...