Dickon Ross: For those who may not know already, what is TCS?

Michelle Taylor: TCS is a global IT services and consulting company, so we basically work with our clients around the world to use technology to help innovate and improve how they work and transform their businesses

DR: What does the sponsorship involve, apart from putting your name in the title? 

MT:  This weekend you’ll see that the town is painted in pink, black and white - which is exciting. But the true reason we got into this is to build relationships and to showcase innovation. One of the biggest ways we do that is through the race app that allows spectators to connect with their runners. This app has been a game-changer in endurance running particularly around the London Marathon. When we were partners in 2020 and the pandemic turned everybody’s lives upside down we were able to use our contextual knowledge and our expertise in technology to reimagine what the Marathon looked like and...