The government’s National Drought Group (NDG), which is made up of senior decision-makers from the Environment Agency (EA), government, the Met Office and water companies, warned that ongoing action will remain vital for securing the UK’s water supply into the future.

The year saw the driest February for 30 years, followed by the wettest March for 40 years. Furthermore, parts of East Anglia, as well as Devon and Cornwall are both still suffering from minor drought despite average rainfall throughout April.

The Environment Agency is advising water companies to get their drought preparedness plans in order now, as another hot, dry spell could see drought conditions return.

EA chief executive and NDG chair John Curtin said: “This spring’s wet weather continues to improve water availability. But increasingly extreme climate shocks, such as last summer’s hot and dry spell, can change everything in an instant.

“We need to be better prepared for future climate...