So far, £5.7bn has been provided to 99 per cent of households in Great Britain through the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS), with 71 per cent of all prepayment vouchers redeemed.

Figures released today reveal the voucher redemption rates for the EBSS broken down by supplier. E Gas and Electricity is at the top, with an 85 per cent success rate, with soon-to-be-defunct Bulb coming in second at 79 per cent.

The fewest redemptions include Good Energy, Utilita and Scottish Power, with the government calling on them and others to make sure they are doing all they can to ensure that customers with prepayment meters know what to look out for and how to redeem their vouchers.

EBSS is designed so that customers receive the discount in the same way they pay their energy bills, such as via direct debit, credit, smart meters and traditional prepayment meters.

Most people will receive the support automatically, with no action necessary. However, people who use traditional...