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Development Action Plan Examples

Can anyone point me in the direction of an example Development Action Plan?

I have been working on professional registration for 6 months and after 2 months of silence, I have now been told my application is held pending a revised development action plan. Unfortunately, there has been no explanation of the deficiency in the existing plan.

  • Hi Richard,

    You might find this thread helpful (or frustrating!): 

    And there's a few other threads about how to produce them if you search for Development Action Plan, but that thread started by  is particularly interesting as it's about someone having the same issue you have here.

    You'll see the simple answer to your question is "no", because there's so many ways to produce a DAP. What I would say is that if you used a PRA for your application then it's worth getting them to have a look at your DAP to see if they can see what's wrong with it - I suspect it's to do with the content rather than the format, and that really needs to be discussed one-to-one. (If you didn't use a PRA for your application then I'd still suggest you approach one for this.)

    Good luck,


  • Hi Richard,

    Just to clarify, the thread that Andy has mentioned is on the Registration and Standards community forum which is a closed forum for volunteers so you will probably not have access to it (which does allow the volunteers to be honest among themselves about how they do things). However he has summed up the outcome fairly well. I started the thread because a colleague had his DAP rejected not once but twice (the second time after he had revised it in line with the comments from the first rejection) so I was confused.

    Having helped my colleague with his recently I can probably help you in the same way, so if you want to drop me an IM with your contact details I can get in touch.


  • Hi Richard, we don't have examples specifically, but if you want to drop me an email at: I can send you some guidance.

    Really what they are looking for is a forward plan of what you are going to do to maintain your CPD, and how you plan to keep your knowledge and skills up to date should you be awarded professional registration in the short to medium term (i'd say 3-5 years).

    It is about identifying and prioritising your development needs and opportunities. For example, you may wish to move into engineering management, this may require you to gain an MBA. Your DAP should identify a blend of learning, from different learning ways, including work-based learning, across the competence and commitment areas (a mix of technical, management and personal development training, plus that specific to demonstrating a professional commitment, like safety training or training in engineering ethics.

    It is also about updating particular areas of competence, so that as a practicing engineer you are fully in line with the current requirements, development of personal and management skills and broadening of experience leading to new career opportunities.