Does anyone know of companies in Teesside, North-east England recruiting for electrical apprentice placement.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Have you reached out to the following companies such as JTL or a local college which could help source potentially local electrician? Also you have the likes of TradeSkills4U to up-skill your qualifications and they are bassed all round the U.K

    Where are you currently with your training?

    Just an Idea but if you have your Level 2 NVQ in Electrical Installation you can apply for a Electrical Labour card this could be good start to get experience and find potential future employer.

  • Thanks for your response, 

    The information requested at the time was for a few people who I know trying to direct their children into industry. 
    Since then in the Teesside are, we have had an increase in apprenticeships advertised and events for school leavers etc from industry companies.

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Best regards