Should I go for study for engineer during this age (nearly 40)

Just talk about my background before starting this topic (not sure if that allows me to post or not, I worry that moderate will delete my post)

I'm Chester From Malaysia, as 20 years of background sell experience no degree or certificate, but I know quite a little knowledge and like to learn.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I was a Salesman selling steel bars and mesh for construction use. But after the pandemic start on March 2020, I feel lost and can't see the,e way which path can go further in the construction line. Especially after 2 years now, I was changing a new company which very less in related construction field (Just only very little on it). It calls engineering.

I was selling a submersible pump, I believe all should know how it works right? But right now I have an Issue regarding this matter.

1)  I was meet up with one of the government sectors which allow me to do a presentation for a related department. She asks me that "do you have IR?" (Please refer here to Board Of Engineers Malaysia (

2) BTW, I found some issue that if I study which engineering course, It will take at least 4 years in my country. 

3) Right now I continued to study for my Business degree for upgrading my career, I mean If I take another Engineering Degree, It seems quite expensive to study and gets that title.

I'm not sure wherever want to study engineering because of the unknown way, because of the current situation, for having survived living is tough due to the inflation of the currency.

  • Don't forget that after the 4 year degree, you then need 3 years practical experience before you can apply for registration

    I know that people like to be prepared before giving a presentation on their products.  But 7 years preparation seems a bit excessive to me.

  • True, for me it was quite tough for doing this thing if I involve engineering and it was taking a long time for getting the title, without any background, money and time, it was very hard to work it out.

  • Hi Chester,

    I also have the same situation faced 2 years ago. The Board of Engineers Malaysia does not recognise my undergraduate study from 2000-2004. I have a Diploma in Technology from Tunku Abdul Rahman College, and I proceed with distance learning in the 3+0 Engineering program from Northumbria University with a local college (Stamford College). Unfortunately, the program is not accredited by IEE (now IET) and Washington Accord. I tried to apply for a graduate engineer from BEM with all my professional certifications and MBA with verification by IR (with akuan baik) also not possible to register. Then I decided to get another post-graduate in the same university, University Northumbria and graduate in 2021. I did many different areas of freelance to save the fund for my UK study. It is just my dream to be a professional to get Charted Engineer from the UK after all. After I had all the academic achievements on hand, I was in my '40s, and now I struggle to get a job. I was employed in the UK before, but sometimes the business strategy and family will be a barrier for me at this age to move further far distance abroad. I concentrate in Thailand due to my future family and being rejected for job applications. I also past for my professional registration review by the reviewing board and will have further action from IET PRI. It is a considerable investment of time and money; luckily, I do not have children yet and a supportive fiancee and parents. The BEM registration process will not be the same as IET, where they want the academic in accredited, no matter how. I am afraid after you get IET CEng, the BEM might not allow for registration due to their policy. So, for me, the IR is not necessary, but the professional team behind you as a salesperson will be crucial to your success in your engineering front approach. Anyway, getting another CPD will never be a waste in any kind of industry. Good luck in your career and profession. Hopefully, my sharing will be helpful for you. Cheers.