Making presentation for CEng


I have gone through the guidelines and it is mentioned that you should provide details about one or two projects demonstrating competencies A & B. 

My question is, should or can I use the same competency A & B mentioned in my application in the employment history and assessment summary? Or I need to think of a new one.


  • Hi Talha, you can use the same A/B example for your presentation that you have used in your application form.  

  • Thanks Bilal

  • Also, if possible try to choose a project that covers C competences and at least some of the E competences. For example, if your application is very strong in A and B then you may find you are asked about more about evidence of your C competences in the project. Remember the interview is a chance for the assessors to help you demonstrate ANY of the competences that they may not have clearly seen on the application.

    But your presentation should be mainly about A & B because we are an engineering institute!!

  • Thanks, Andy. It's of great help.

  • I would agree with the responses above, but also remember that the interviewers have seen your application and the presentation is an opportunity to tell them about an additional project they haven't yet heard about if you have a good example that you couldn't get in the application due to space constraints.

    On the other hand, adding more details about one or two of the projects mentioned in the application is also worthwhile.

  • correct. 


  • Hello Talha, 

    May you please advise me how could i demonstrate the required competencies with my work experience? 

    Thanks in advance.  

  • Hi Amr Youssef,

      You may refer to the elements in self assessment at Below are samples for your reference.

      Competency A - 

    A1 Have maintained and extended a sound theoretical approach to enable them to develop their particular role
    Example: As a project manager at XXX, my Master of Electrical Power Course enabled me to review electrical protection coordination study, short circuit analysis and arc flash reports using SKM Power Tools software.

    A2: Developing solutions to unusual/challenging problems, using knowledge and understanding and/or dealing with complex issues or significant risk
     As a project manager at XXXX, I found out the initial planning sequence of the overhead crane needed to be revised as it required operating first before 132kV GIS installation. The function of the overhead crane is to mobilise 132kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)s parts such as gas compartments, joints, surge arrestors, etc. Hence, I have discussed with the civil team to expedite....

    Continue with Competency B with similar format.

  • Hello YY, 

    Thanks a lot for your reply, Actually i am an electrical engineer (Bachelor degree) with 17 years in oil and gas industry. I have a diverse experience in various aspects such as construction, commissioning and maintenance of electrical systems. anyway i am not able to identify if i am eligible to CEng or IEng or neither of them and how can i identify that? 


  • Hi,

    What you should do is get in touch with a PRA (Professional Registration Advisor) via the IET website page "Find a PRA" who will be able to discuss it with you.