IEng Presentation

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I've got my IEng interview coming up in the next couple of weeks and have the content written out but am now wondering if it's desirable to use a standard IET template for the presentation?  That being said, I'm struggling to find an IET template on the web but am sure I've seen a templates resource before.  I've attached the file that I was thinking of for a template.

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  • It probably doesn't matter, but personally I'd advise not to. Remember the presentation is part of your evidence of your D competences (ability to communicate professionally), so you want to show that you're very comfortable and confident giving presentations (it's just "business as usual"), and using your own template is a good way of doing that. It suggests you do presentations so often that you have a template ready to go.

    And you don't want to distract your interviewers by them wondering a) where you got the template, b) whether you had permission to use it, and c) them noticing that the particular IET logo / format etc / is out of date!

    But do just run your presentation past someone who you trust to know what a good one looks like so they can let you know if it's unreadable / confusing / etc.

    Finally note the very small number of recommended slides - they want to hear you talk. The slides are only there to illustrate your talk. So personally I'd suggest keeping them to nice interesting pictures, few words (perhaps just key facts / figures you want to make sure that you remember to say).



  • I agree with Andy, use a template you're familiar with or one of the generic defaults that comes in Powerpoint if you prefer - the content is the important part so focus there and try to make it a visual/not too text heavy presentation with some interesting points.  

  • Hi Andy and Kathryn, thanks very much for both of your input and appreciate the viewpoint on the presentation.  

    I'd steered toward a more visual presentation as you've both mentioned.  Thanks again!

  • When I did my IEng presentation, it was lot of pretty pictures and a few bullet points to talk around.  I made certain it wasn't going to be "death by Powerpoint".