Maintenance Electrician to Domestic installer

I Currently hold an Approved maintenance electricians ECS card with an approved apprenticeship in electrical maintenance, NVQ 3 Electrical Maintenance, Inspection and testing 2394/95, 18th edition, HNC electrical/electronic principles.

I am looking for the best route to transition to a domestic installation electrician and eventually to register with a competent person's scheme, but no route seems obvious without completing another 2-year approved course, are there any routes that take prior learning into consideration? 

  • (replying mainly to bump into the first page so others with more knowledge than me can see it)

    As I understand it there's no legal or wiring regs requirement to hold any particular qualification to be a domestic electrician - you're merely have to be "competent" to it (and competence can be achieved in may ways, including undocumented experience and self study).

    The tricky bit comes when registering with a competent persons' scheme - as they have their particular requirements (seemingly centred on some suitable Level 3 qualifications these days) - often along the lines of this: but there may still be some variation between one scheme and another. You don't have to join a scheme though - it's perfectly legal to do even notifiable work without being a member - although the alternative (either pre-notifying via local Building Control or using someone who is registered to notify for you (through the Third Party Verifier scheme) can incur quite high per-job costs, so it may well not be economic if you're planning to do lots of notifiable work each year. Many customers do like the reassurance of employing with a suitable "badge" as well.

       - Andy.