How l improve my academic qualification online with low fee as I am EngTech now and want to be IEng but with academic route.

Kindly guide me in this regard.

  • Hi,

    It might help you get an answer here if you explain why you want IEng?

    But whatever the reason, I would suggest that's the wrong way to approach this problem. Any qualification will only allow you to gain IEng if you also have suitable experience. If you have suitable experience you may not need a further qualification.

    So it is better to:

    • Find the type of work you want to to do (which may be at IEng level)
    • Find out what qualifications that needs
    • Get those qualifications (if you really need them for that work)
    • Get that work experience
    • And then getting IEng will be the easy part.

    If you try to get a qualification, then try to get IEng, and only then use the IENg to get an "IEng level" job, then you will fail at the middle step. (Your IEng application will fail, because you won't have experience.) 

    Apologies, I expect you were hoping for a simpler answer!


  • Thank you for your replay.

    A problem has raised that the EC certificates are valued in Uk but since I gained EngTech status are not having so much value in india. Washington Accord shows india recognise only IEng when members are have engineeing degree BE or BTech other without it they cant recognised it as equalvillant so for that purpose ...we need university degree or some chabges in accord.

  • Washington Accord refers specifically to the equivalence of qualifications rather than the IEng itself, so Andy and Simon's advice is correct as you can gain this without the qualifications with experience but if you are seeking to use IEng for accreditation in India this may be different so in this instance it may be better to speak directly to the National Board of Accreditation as we can only advise on IEng and attaining it.

    If you want to gain an accredited qualification for IEng there is a list of programmes on the Engineering Council site but as Simon said these will require full study and are not a quick solution.

  • yes your answer is good I am thankful to you,I think,could not IET- India able to make a solution for this so that the Indian people may get good repute. Hope one day it may happen.

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