Becoming CEng without a degree

I am currently EngTech MIET and in the process of to applying for CEng, however I do not fill the academic requirements for CEng. I know career experience is taken into consideration so this isn’t a total show stopper. My question is…. Has anybody reading this been successful in becoming CEng without the degree? And how was there application experience? 

  • Hi Paul,

    As a PRA I have helped many engineers successfully become CEng without a degree. My main bit of advice is to contact the IET's mentoring service and get yourself a mentor. The application process is the same whether you have a degree or not, but a mentor (and a PRA when you're near applying) can help you make sure you've really clearly shown how you've gained the same level of knowledge and understanding.

    Just be clear about what technical decisions you make (not just by "following the book"), that you use an engineering process to make those decisions (not just "it's what we've always done"), and that you take responsibility for seeing them through. If you talk through what technical decisions and judgements you make with a mentor and/or PRA they can help you see which of them are CEng material, and how you should best explain them. Of course a mentor may also suggest bits of further experience it's worth getting before you apply if they think you might not be quite ready, that's sort of their role.

    I will say that I find many non-graduates' first draft applications say far too much about some things and not enough about others. A very common mistake is to treat it like an exam paper and give loads of detail about the technology to try to demonstrate knowledge. To the assessors that's irrelevant, what they want to know is what were you responsible for and what engineering knowledge and approach did you apply to solve those problems. But again the mentor / PRA will help you get that balance right.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Andy, 

    Thank you for your response, it’s all fantastic guidance and greatly appreciated. 

    I will be applying for a mentor tomorrow and should have one in a week or so. 


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