How to become Ceng with an Algerian degree

Hi All,

I am holding an Algerian bachelor (from university) degree from the engineering department, I have almost 8 years experience between Algerian Hong Kong (some projects in Asia Pacific and Europe as well), at the moment, I work as an electrical engineer in consultant firm who focus on doing T&C (Testing and Commissioning )  and design, our business focus on data center mostly, however, we did some other commercial facilities as well (Banks, Hotels, offices),I had an experience with big names like Microsoft, Equinix, HSBC, Apple, Airtrunk, Digital reality.. est

My question is that possible for me to apply Ceng in electrical field with an Algerian bachelor degree or not. and if no is there any other way how to become a Ceng.

thanks for the consideration.

  • If you haven't already, I'd start by looking at the requirements for professional registration as we have a number of options available.

    Professional Registration is competence based, so any work and study you have already done will contribute to an application and if you can demonstrate the required levels of competence you can apply.  To understand if you meet the requirement, we would recommend looking over UKSPEC and particuarly the CEng Competences if that is what you are interested in: 

  • Thanks Karhryn,

    one more question popped up after i looked to the ling you have sent to me, in order to complete the membership application, there is a section asked for My Supporter's Details, where i could find this person, and could i do a membership without this requirement ?

    thanks in advance 

  • The roles of the supporter are slightly different for membership (MIET/TMIET) and Professional Registration (CEng/IEng) - 

    For Membership: The role of the supporter is to confirm, from their personal knowledge, that the applicant has the appropriate knowledge
    and understanding, as detailed overleaf, and is a suitable candidate to use the IET’s designatory letters after their name. A supporter can be the applicant’s employer, a member of the IET, or someone else who knows the applicant in a work capacity.

    For Professional Registration: Ideally your supporter knows or has known you professionally, working at a senior level to you and with direct knowledge of your role and responsibilities, such as your current line manager, employer, Academic Supervisor, or Training Scheme Coordinator.

    You can apply for membership without providing the supporter details at this stage, but the membership team may ask for further details as part of the application so if you can identify one that can be useful.