Issues upgrading TMIET to MIET after admin error

I have been having issues with the IET membership route. Let me explain

I started my career as an apprentice in 1990 with GEC and had never though of applying to a professional body, mainly due to not having an employer that either encouraged or would pay my fees. My current employer actively encourages professional membership and pays the fees.

Looking at the IET specs for joining, my HNC and 30 years of industry experience (most of it above grad level) indicated I apply for MIET. I applied for MIET, got the email to pay, then to my surprise they awarded me the letters TMIET. Both me and my employer are unhappy with this especially as the IET insist it was TMIET I applied for (they are certainly wrong on this). In fact I refuse to use my TMIET letters as I see this as quite insulting to my experience.

I have applied to upgrade and provided a mountain of evidence, including several projects I have lead and a product patent in my name. The IET are yet asking for more evidence. I have sent all I can. I am now considering asking for my membership fee back and to leave. the TMIET letter are next to useless to me or my employer.

Any advice?

Best Regards

Adrian Priestley 

  • Good afternoon Mr Priestley,

    Please accept our apologies for the delay in coming back to you regarding your assessment for MIET. We are currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of applications.

    As MIET is part of the EU Directive we are audited annually on the decisions we make, and therefore need to have sufficient evidence to support these decisions.

    We will review the additional information we have received from you and will email you with an assessment decision in due course.

    Kind regards

    Donna Armstrong

    Membership Assessor