Can Incorporated Engineer (IEng) apply for EUR ING Status?

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone can advise me on the EUR ING application.

I have recently attained Incorporated Engineer (IEng) Status. I graduated with BEng (HONS) from Northumbria University (through distance learning in Malaysia) and have 15 years of professional experience.

I’m looking for recognition in Europe so that I could gain the opportunity for an inter-departmental transfer within my organization.

My question is as follows:

  1. Does EUR ING applicant require to have attained Chartered Engineer (CEng) Status?
  2. Does an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) able to apply for EUR ING status?

There may be a few other questions that I may have overlooked prior to considering the EUR ING application. Looking forward to your guidance and feedback.

Advice from experts is much appreciated.


Thiben Kerisnain IEng MIET

  • Yes, I asked the Engineering Council this in February this year, and their Registration Manager confirmed that "Originally EUR ING was only available to CEng registrants but a few year ago, the rules changed to also make it available for IEng registrants".

    I am an IEng (although now registered with the BCS instead of the IET) and submitted my EUR ING application last month and am currently waiting to hear back.

    Although the Engineering Council changed the rules a few years ago, the IET were quite slow to update their information on this - I had asked the same question to the IET in March last year and had the response from their Registration and Standards International Advisor that "only registered CEngs are currently able to apply for FEANI EUR ING Registration and that, unfortunately, you not eligible to apply for EUR ING registration", which was clearly incorrect advice. The IET's webpage about EUR ING also incorrectly stated that only CEng registrants were eligible to apply for EUR ING up until when they corrected it at some point this year.

    Regarding academic qualifications, you can still apply for EUR ING without any academic qualifications whatsoever, as long as you can demonstrate the equivalent underpinning knowledge and understanding, which in practice means filling in an additional section of the application form. I'd recommend registering for the online application tool at and watching the videos which explain how to apply. There's also lots of additional information at and as others have already suggested, contact the Engineering Council if anything needs any clarification.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Sam,

    Thank You for providing this valuable input. You're in a similar situation which helps me get the feedback needed for clarification. Let us know how the application when through once you attain the EUR ING title.

    Good Luck,

    Thiben K.

  • Thanks Sam for a really useful reply! 

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