C.Eng PRI, how long until i get feedback

Hi There,

I just did my C.Eng PRI today, 02/08/23, I've been told to wait for 6-8 weeks for the result from the panel. 

Anyone else done their PRI this year (2023), how long were you waiting for before the panel made a decision on your application?



  • Hi Arif,

      I am electrical power background. please refer to the timeline below regarding my CEng application.


    • 03 Jan 2023: Submitted CEng application 
    • 31 Jan 2023: IET requested for additional information
    • 14 Mar 2023: Passed Pre-Interview Assessment Panel
    • 01 June 2023: IET contacted via phone and email to confirm the interview date
    • 02 June 2023: I confirmed the date of the interview via email at Profreginterview@theiet.org
    • 06 July 2023: PRI day, which took about 1 hour via Zoom
    • 20 July 2023: Received CEng confirmation from IET



  • Hello YY,

    Congratulations. Was it an email from IET about the result or letter?



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